Smile Chickie is about 3 simple words…


You’ve got this.


Deep down you know you are



Funny as fuck.

Smile Chickie is about doing life your way, and apologising to no one.


An online community, products and services for women who are done with chasing perfect, who know that NOW is their time… time to be the hero in their lives, instead of the powerless bystander. Time to build on their strengths, on their courage, time to get back to what really matters. Time to hang out with other chicks who feel the same.

Smile Chickie is an online nest for women who want more… life has taught them that what they want doesn’t fall magically from the sky.

So they are choosing to do what it takes to make the lives, the relationships, the adventures they are wishing for… actually happen.

They don’t always know how they’re going to get there.

But they know that they sure as hell are going to keep on trying until they work it out.

Determined to build upon their inner strength, their self-belief, their bounce-back rate for the times when the going gets tough. (Because guess what Pollyanna… the road gets rough for everyone from time to time.)

Finding ways and opportunities to give this life plenty.
To not waste a precious moment or opportunity.


Why do I do this?

(You may well ask)


Because secret superhero, that’s exactly how I feel too.


From working on and through my own bullshit, my own bounce-back rate, climbing my own mountains, and working as a coach with every day superheroes who are doing the same.


What I now know for sure is that it’s so much better when you’ve got a support crew… a cheer squad… a leg up.


When you know that you are not alone.

Which is why I have made some stuff that I know works for me, and I’m hoping that it will help you too…


So if you’re in the mood for


No more excuses.

Sign up for my Big Sister Sessions  and invest in some 1:1 accountablity … get your arse walking away from what no longer serves you and towards what really matters.



Reclaiming your power

Your Secret Superhero Ring  will be a beautiful, constant wearable reminder that you fucking deserve to be happy! That you my love, are worth every bit of goodness and sunshine that comes your way.



Surrounding yourself with people who get it

Sign up to Secret Chickies Business be part of my private virtual cheer-squad. Join us as we learn, laugh and grow… as we work on rocking life together.


A dose of hope and inspiration (with a sprinkle of snort laughs and swearing)

Venture over to the chickie blog.  Learn from (and laugh at) my stories. As I road test the fuck out of this life.



The best Monday morning medicine

Join the adventures of “me” and Carlos. Start your week off with a Monday morning burst of chickie sunshine… courtesy of yours truly and Carlos (my long suffering laptop).



So my lovely,


  • If you always suspected that it couldn’t just be you who could see through all of that chasing perfect shit!


  • That there had to be other people who didn’t buy it either.


  • Other chicks who felt the same way, living through the same struggles, stuff ups, and unco happy dance moments”


If you’ve secretly dreamed of a place where you could


  • Just be you and know that that is 100% e-fucking-nough.


  • Be surrounded by like-minded folk, who give zero fucks about what car you drive, how much your house cost or where your kids go to school… but they care A LOT about you… care a lot about finding ways to laugh at (and learn from) our collective stuff ups, to celebrate our superstar moments, and discover ways to pack more of the good stuff into our lives.


  • A space to find hope, inspiration, tools and resources to support you.




breathe out


and smile


Because you have arrived…


At Smile Chickie, we’re all in this together.



I’m so glad that you found us.


sue xxx




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