A little word about what makes me tick…


As curious live-er and lover of life.


A wearer of many hats.


A destroyer of many a good dance move.


As a qualified coach,


A survivor and thriver of life and business, break-ups and breakdowns, toddlers, teenagers, derailments and dramas.


I love to:


Hang out with like-minded souls, who are interested in fine-tuning their ability to bounce back, to laugh at themselves, to keep moving.


Gutsy determined women who are not afraid of hard work, curve balls or stepping outside of their comfort zones.


Who avoid clichés and fakery like the plague.


Who prefer to live life with a no-bullshit kind of flavour,


and not waste a moment.


Busting to arm wrestle life.


Aching to learn and grow.


And laugh… I LOVE people who love to laugh.


When the women that I work with yell:


“Look out world, it’s my time… I’ve got this!”

When they

  • Stop settling for crumbs.
  • Ditch the drama and the nasty self-talk.
  • Start surrounding themselves with people who get it.
  • Bravely step out into the arena of life and kick arse.

When they

Speak up when they used to shut up.

Believe in themselves dammit.


By god it makes me smile! 



When someone buys a Secret Superhero Ring, and in

tough moments,

lonely moments,

quiet moments,

deep breath shit-happens moments,

proud moments

Uses it to remind themselves that they have  SO  got this.

When their backs are against the wall.

Or when it feels like groundhog day.

When doubt, fear, overwhelm and uncertainty come to town.


When looking down at that beautiful piece of jewellery reminds them that they can and they will make it through.

That they’ve got guts, grit… they’ve got potential baby!


When they buy one for their sister, their daughter, their mum, maybe a special friend to remind them of their magic when they’ve forgotten.


My heart almost bursts…


When I see my Secret Chickies Business chicks …

  • Sharing
  • Connecting
  • Supporting and encouraging each other
  • Being the world’s greatest cheer squad.

As they work on their personal growth.

When I see them

Helping each other out


Checking in on each other, holding each other accountable.

Rocking life together.


I do a dorky woohoo!!! HIGH FIVE!!!!


When someone signs up to my blog, and to read the weekly adventures of me+Carlos in my newsletter.

When beautiful grateful, funny emails land in my inbox that say “God I swear that blog was written about my life”, “Thanks for sharing”, “You made a difference.” … “Is Carlos single?”


By fuck I’m happy!



Want to know a secret?

As the person who never wanted to draw attention to myself, in case even MORE people  worked out that I wasn’t quite

  • Skinny
  • Smart
  • Sporty
  • Pretty
  • Perfect
  • Enough

As the chick who wasted so many years unsuccessfully trying to be everything to everyone, putting everyone else’s needs and expectations before my own.

A shit hot friend to everyone else but myself.

Trust me when I tell you that it was a humongous shove outside of my comfort zone to press publish on Smile Chickie… to put up a picture of my head on the internet and say


“You are enough”


But you know what?

I am so glad that I did.

Because, as Marianne Williamson so eloquently tells us,

“As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”


So if the work that I do at Smile Chickie helps just one other person see that

They are not alone.

That there is hope.

That there is a different way to live, other than the exhausting (boring) race towards the beautiful (impossible) illusion of perfection.

Well as Bridget Jones said, right before she slid down the fireman’s pole and showed the world her bum…

“I’ll do it!!!”


So who the fuck am I?

(You may well ask, lord knows I would be asking.)


I am me,

I am also you…

I am a magnificent work in progress.

I am resilient

I am resourceful

I am funny as fuck.

I am about doing life my way, and apologising to no one.


I am passionate about us all building on our inner strength, our self belief, our bounce-back rates together. 


I am your honorary big sister, I’ve got your back.

I call bullshit on chasing perfect.

I work with people who are tired of living everyone else’s version of a life,  and they are ready to live their own.

I believe in the wise and wonderful words of Brene Brown…

“There is magic in the mess”


I’m about:




Paying attention to the positive

Ditching the drama


Most of all, I’m about giving ourselves permission to be exactly who we want to be.

Permission to be that chick that you intended to be before life got in the way.

Believe me, she’s still in there.

She’s been waiting to live the life you once dreamed about together.

Waiting patiently for you to give her some loving…

Listen to her whisper…


“Trust me, we’ve got this.”


Now let’s get this party started shall we?



sue xxx




Bridget Jones for Sit Up Britain … hahaha no need to thank me 🙂  xxx



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