You could google:


Doing what you said you would.

Having a plan and sticking to it.



totally owning what’s left of this year,

but I’m calling it


The Big Sister Sessions

Big sisters get such a bad rap.

But what about when they use their big sister superpowers, their love, their wisdom, their good intentions, their bad arse bullshit detectors and their cone of silence for good instead of evil?

That’s what I’ve been doing lately, and its been so much fun and made such a difference.

Basically I’ve been doing this ‘thing’ on the side of my usual coaching services over the past 6 months, and I’ve been LOVING it!  The people I have been working with have had a ball and have had some fantastic results, so I’ve decided that I’m adding it to my standard Smile Chickie offerings.

I’m going to be calling them the

Big Sister Sessions

because it’s like having a big sister on your case, cheering you on as you power through to the end of the year, actually doing the stuff that you said you would, and in true Big Sister style, I promise  not to tell Mum!

What’s it all about? 

So basically, these sessions are all about

Progress (that would be YOURS!)

Like having a big sister on your case (except I promise I won’t borrow your clothes and give them back with wine stains.)

Just like summer bodies are built in winter, consider me a personal trainer for your soul.

Your chance to finish off the year feeling like you’re proudly running through the banner at the grand final to the sound of the crowd cheering, rather than in a seedy bar belting out a karoke version of Brittany Spears warbling “Oops I did it again”. (though, now I’ve read that back, it does sound kind of fun too… )

A brilliant opportunity:

to actually finish what you started this year

to know someone’s watching, got your back, will call you on your bullshit,

to absolutely turbo charge your results.

Your own personal cheerleader/big sister, who’s not going to dob to mum, but IS going to want to know the gory details every single week.

Where you’re at.
What you got done.
What you didn’t.
If you didn’t, then why the fuck not!

We are talking
Hard core accountability.
Turbo charging your potential to get shit done and keeping yourself on track.

What you get…

We start out with you asking yourself a few questions and having an honest, real check in. Where you’re at, and what you are hoping to achieve in what’s left of the year, and beyond. (Don’t worry, I’ve made it into a questionnaire, to make the job extra easy!)

Then we sit down via skype or phone and have a 60 minute chat about that, to really hone in and get clear on what it’s going to take to get you back on track and what you need to start (and keep) doing to finish off this year feeling strong, empowered and proud.

Following that, we follow through with a weekly 30 minute phone accountability check in.

Warning: in true big sister style, this is no fluffy chit-chat session. I want to know the ‘ins and outs of a ducks guts’. I want to know
And why the fuck not!!!!

What you need to do if you are interested…

You need to tell me NOW!  I only have room for a limited number of new clients at the moment, so if this sounds like your thing then let me know QUICKLY so that I can save you a place.(YAAY!) OR if you have a beautiful friend that you think this opportunity would be perfect for, please do them a flavour and pass this post on so that they don’t miss out.

I absolutely LOVE these sessions. I love working with motivated, determined, ‘what you see is what you get’ people, who are getting shit done!

I love to see the pride, the happiness, the sense of power and satisfaction, the confidence that comes with finally doing stuff instead of just talking about it.

Big Sister Sessions are short, sharp, powerful and fun!

So if you’re feeling

Stuck, stagnant, at a crossroad, needing a bit of a kick up the bum maybe…

Feeling like you don’t want the rest of the year to bolt off on you.

If you know in your heart and your gut that some extra accountability, ‘got your back’, personalized cheerleader action, some honorary big sister action would make all the difference to your life in the coming months.

Then I’m so your girl!

Simply drop me an email

by clicking here 

with the subject line: Don’t tell Mum

and I’ll let you know if there’s  a spot.
Let’s get this party started shall we?

sue xxx




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