Before coaching with Sue, I was in procrastination land.

I needed someone to sort out my headspace and help me devise a clear plan to step into my potential in business and life.

I knew I would feel comfortable and supported working with Sue, so the decision to go for it was easy.
By the end of our first session, I felt so excited about expanding into my goals.

The entire coaching experience continued to be supportive, enlightening and practical. 
As a result of our coaching, I have witnessed many changes in myself, in sneaky ways I didn’t expect. 

The biggest shift has happened with my design business – since coaching with Sue, I am now booked out 2 months in advance which had never happened before! Sue helped me with really practical processes for communication and due to all our convos, so many cogs clicked into gear. I have also launched 2 new products for the Happi Empire, which I had so much resistance to before.

Sue is such a unique coach – her mix of life and business experience, fused with her wit and loveliness, is such an interesting and powerful blend. 

It’s like having a funny, experienced, wise friend dedicated to helping you sort your shit out! Her hash tag #notperfectsowhat says it all!
If you’re on the fence about working with Sue, I encourage you to go for it. You will shift so much in your life, you won’t regret it!

– Frances Verbeek, The Happi Empire




Where do I start in singing the praises of the amazing Sue Muller.

What an incredibly gifted, real, honest, authentic coach to help tease out what’s in your head and guide you to your own best possible solutions.

What I loved most about working with Sue was her completely no-bs attitude and her ability to help tease out core goals I didn’t even realise were hiding within me.

Her insight is lightening quick and I found each session to be goal-orientated, actionable and purposeful (mixed with huge doses of genuine warmth and laughs).

If you need direction, accountability and guidance, Sue is a brilliant coach to set you on your path to becoming your greatest self.

– Kate Powe
, Kate Powe Natural Medicine




To me, having a coach has always been part of my life toolbox.

Sue’s humour and light approach gives her coaching practice an unexpected potency because she doesn’t make it feel like hard work.

Each session leaves me with clarity and purpose.

She’s a natural.

– Liska Turner, The Stamp Collective 




I loved working with Sue.

She is a brilliant listener and our time together helped me achieve three huge goals. I’m grateful for Sue’s wonderful encouragement, fantastic strategies and constant support.

– Rhiannon Colarossi, The Wellbeing Web





Sue Muller is truly amazing.

After my coaching sessions with Sue, I gain such clarity and more so was able to take my business and life to a new level.  I haven’t looked back since.

Sue enabled me to see what I was ‘putting up with’ because I thought I had to.  When I realised these things were causing unnecessary stress, and where not where I wanted to be.  I was able to take steps to eliminate them, I found I created room in my business and life for some amazing new adventures.  I no longer feel stressed and I’m so excited about that lies ahead.

Thank you so much Sue, you are truly the best.

– Anne Clark, Envision Empower Succeed



1When I was hesitating in the throes of developing my first product, I knew Sue’s BS elimination session was exactly what I needed – a motivating kick along and a warm blanket at the same time.

After making you feel incredible about where you are, Sue propels you into those first actions, helps you focus on the high value components of your product/offer and shares incredible industry insights along the way.

Sue is passionate about wanting you to succeed and about keeping it real.

– Clare Desira, Top 5 Movement


Untitled design-60

Sue is the kind of coach you could spend hours talking to over a coffee or a wine (or six).

The time we’ve spent working together has been the perfect mix of heartstorming, putting action in place, and the kind of joy and laughter that could pull anyone out of a bad mood. I love every minute I spend with this woman, knowing that she will support and guide me wholeheartedly, but she will call me on the B.S stories I’m telling myself too.

If you’ve ever hoped to meet a real life superhero, I can tell you that Sue is about as close as you’ll probably ever come to doing so. It’s something special that is hard to explain, so I guess you’ll have to just work with her to see it for yourself! If you want a coach who will be your biggest cheerleader, a warm hug when you need it, and a butt kicker when you need that too, you will be in excellent hands with Sue as your coach.

– Katherine MacKenzie-Smith, The Beauty of Life







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